Child Care and Development

Child Care and Development operates two child care facilities and several programs including: Resource and Referral, Licensing, and Subsidy. The goal of child care and development is to increase the availability, affordability, and quality of childcare and provide training opportunities for parents.

Resource and Referral offer child care providers technical assistance and training. Parents can obtain referrals to quality child care options in their area. Cherokee PARENTS offers parenting classes and assistance for parents.

Licensing provides monitoring visits to over 500 licensed and registered child care providers to ensure compliance with OKDHS Child Care Licensing standards.

Subsidy provides financial assistance with child care payments to over 2,500 children annually. Parents of children birth-12 years of age who are working, looking for work, going to school, attending job-training programs or are in need of protective services receive this service.

Two-Tribally owned and operated centers are located in Tahlequah and Stilwell. The centers are licensed to care for up to 200 children ages 6 weeks to 4 years.

For more information about Child Care and Development Resource and Referral, Licensing and Subsidy please contact:

Resource and Referral -
Licensing -
Subsidy –

Or call 918-453-5300 or 888-458-6230

For more information about enrollment in a center, please contact:

Tahlequah Child Development Center – 918-453-5070
Stilwell Child Development Center – 918-696-3222

Public Notices

  • Child Care & Development COVID-19 Provider Policy
    Emergency Policy for child care providers who use subsidy regarding COVID-19
  • Child Care & Development COVID-19 Parent Policy
    Emergency Policy for child care parents who use subsidy regarding COVID-19
  • Supply Letter of Support
    This letter is to appeal on their behalf for special consideration to either submit a specific order to meet their business needs or allow them special shopping times without a designated limit.